Let's you stay up-to-date, protect your data safely, and run on any device at anytime.

Open platform

Allows trusted 3rd parties to integrate easily.


Not just as a software, but as a service to enhance the way you run your business.

  • On-the-go
    Take order and accept payments anywhere you go. No need to worry about installing hardwares or dragging cables outside for outdoor events.
  • Simple
    Bluetooth on the tablet minimizes the connection of all different kinds of external devices(barcode scanner, payment devices, and etc.).
  • Compact
    Instead of having the standard POS taking up too much space, you can organize your space better with any size of tablet you choose.
  • Sync in Real-time
    Sync multiple POS devices at once with simple login. Orders and payments will be synced automatically in real-time.

Easy to use.

No need to have your customers wait anymore. Quickly search for the menu items with seamless interface and satisfy your customer with speedy service.

See at a glance.

Tired of moving from one page to another just to place one order? You can find everything you need in one page from menu to orderline to payment. Taking order is easier than ever before.

Manage your entire business in one platform.

Don’t waste your time calling each 3rd party service to install every time or making your restaurant clustered with all different types of hardware. Gabe handles everything you need to operate your business better on a single platform. Simply download your necessary service and up your game efficiently and effectively.

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Coffee Juice Soda Jam Beer Milk Bean Donut Ice Cookie Nut Etc

Smart analytics and metrics.

Customize your reports and analytics and gain valuable insights into your business growth. Gabe collects data at a granular level which allows you to combine metrics suited for your business and make better business decisions.

Rose Bakery


Itaewon Bakery


Tree and fruits

  • Your business is safe with us. Gabe’s secure system store all your private data on the cloud safe and sound.
  • We constantly provide software upgrades to help you up your game with our latest features.
  • Cafes, bakeries, and restaurants have been experiencing amazing improvements with us.

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